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For more than 12 years, we have been serving individuals and professionals. 
Our mission, to drive you in the best conditions of comfort and safety with a vehicle adapted to the constraints and requirements of the current road traffic. 
We are authorized for the transport of the VSL type (Light Health Vehicle) by all the health funds under agreement.

To please you is our pleasure
Calculate the price of a taxi ride
Each driver can not set his own fare ! The price of a taxi ride is regulated by prefectural decree and calculated using very specific rules. The calculation of the amount of the taxi ride is based on the taximeter, an odometer that must equip the mandatory taxi vehicle ...
VSL - Light Weight Vehicle
The reimbursement of transport costs is made upon presentation of the medical prescription, and possibly after prior approval of the Health Insurance, and proof of payment. A medical exemption is also applied.
The regulation of taxis
The driver of a taxi vehicle must hold a valid professional taxi driver card. This card was pink and had to be validated every 5 years, which is no longer the case today. It is now in the format of a credit card. When the driver uses his taxi in a professional capacity, the card must be affixed to the rear of the windshield, left side and visible from the outside (Law of 20 January 1995 - Article 7).
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